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...A Unique Social Dining Experience

What is BeSocial NYC About?

Some of life’s best moments revolve around the dinner table. You and your special someone enjoying a dinner date. What about meeting at a new restaurant to catch up with old friends from out of town? Then there is always the business dinner to bring in that new client and see your business thrive. BeSocial can take any dinner scenario you may find yourself in and make it memorable. Be it a party of two, party of few, or party of many, let BeSocial go the extra mile. We do this by hand-picking the absolute best restaurants in your town, and then we work our own unique magic to turn it from a mere dinner into an unforgettable experience.

How Does BeSocial Enable this Unforgettable Experience?

We have an established network of restaurants with which we work very closely. They tell us what makes their establishment special and we tell them what our clients expect. It is this communication and sharing that makes everything possible. We act as the bridge between the restaurants and the diner, and find all the intricate ways to make an average experience go above and beyond all perceived limits.

Your Experience in One Word?

COMPLETE. You’re still getting dressed and ready for your night, but we’ve already got everything in place. Your table is set, your chosen menu is ready, and the meal is even paid for. All there is for you to do is arrive and enjoy a delectable meal. The only responsibility you have upon entering the restaurant is to enjoy yourself and your company for the evening.

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